Hikes and Excursions

panoramic view over the Guallupe Valley  


cloudforest in the upper parts of the Guallupe ValleyTogether with local farmers, Bosque de Paz has set up trails for visitors, bringing you high up on the slopes of the Río Guallupe watershed and through patches of cloud forest. Splendid panoramic views are guaranteed. Some of these trails are tough treks that go over muddy trails and require good physical condition. Other trails are easier, such as the Bosque de Paz trails on the farm. Piet has a good knowledge of the local flora and will be glad to give a guided tour along the trails and on his farm.

Some of the hikes can also be made on horse back.

local farmers rent horse on requestgroup of hikers in the mountains surrounding Bosque de Paz 



Bosque de Paz offers also three interesting excursions in the north of the country:  

climbing the roots of the Mangrove near San LorenzoBoat excursion along the mangrove islands in the Mataje Cayapas Reserve, along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The mangrove forests are situated along the shore where fresh and salt water meet, forming a buffer between the ocean and the land. The numerous twisted stilt roots of the trees provide protection from the tide, offering a secure habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. Visitors tour though the channels between the various islands by boat. A favorite is the excursion to an island of birds along the coast.

This tour can be done in one day or longer. Nights are spent in the fisherman village of El Cauchál.

a typical fishermans village on one of the Mangrove islands in the Mataje-Cayapas Reservebird island in front of the coast line    

A hike through the Páramo highlands of El Angel. The highlands are situated at at altitude of 4000m, so one must be prepared for cold winds (Páramo is the Quichua word for rain and wind). Common to the area is the Frailejones plant, resembling over-sized Edelweiss. Also the view of the Andes from the area is spectacular.

This one day hike can also be done in two or more days. A guide accompanies you through the highlands, down though the valley of Agua Blanca to the village of Morán. Here you spend the night in the home of Carlo Castros, a local of Morán. It is possible to go horseback riding or on a guided tour to spot the Andean condor accompanied by Carlos, weather permitted. The hike to Las Piedras Puntos is highly recommended for the experienced hiker.

small lake amidst the Frailejones plants

Since Piet developed the three-day Cerro Golondrinas Cloudforest Trek in 1997-98, Bosque de Paz has maintained a solid friendship with the Castro family in the village of Morán. The organization of the trek is in hands of Carlos Castro now. He is a good guide with extensive knowledge of the fauna and flora of the Páramo and the forest.

cloudforest, always green, always moistpreparing the horses for the last strech in the Golondrinas Trek, with the Golondrinas Peak in the background 

Contact him in order to organize this exceptional hike that crosses three different ecosystems, from the highlands at 4000 m above sea level, down to the subtropical Valley of the Mira River and Bosque de Paz: castro503(at)yahoo.com or phone: 00 593 (0) 63012627 / 00 593 (0) 91374851


Note: These tours are not organized by Bosque de Paz. Visitors can be helped by Piet and Olda for the arrangement of the tours. As an option Piet can be asked to join as a guide.